Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Fur Babies

Trouble and her favorite position

Mahlee and my computer bag, I have to take a bit of her to work with me each day. 

 Bismarck looking for water.

Mahlee in her favorite spot, the bunkbeds.

Kit and Tiger, long time buddies the two that started this collection.

Suzie, my miss priss.

Trouble and another one of her favorite poses.

Suzie and Tinker, they are fast friends, I got them in the same year.

These cats have got to be just the sweetest cats ever, they all get along for the most part and they all have their partners and very distinct personalities.  When I am down or stressed they can always pull me out of it.

Living in a FEMA  Trailer is not easy for them as there is not much space to run and play I can't wait to be able to give them more space.  They are coping just like I am but wow do they get into everything.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Early July, 2011,  Waiting for the water to recede

My old bedroom, July 19, 2011 first day I got to go back in my house

This is looking into my kitchen and dining room

Finally down to the studs

Windows in, boards on, and all wrapped up.

FEMA Trailer living

FEMA dining and kitchen area


Wow it has been a year since I have posted anything, let me just say 2011 is a year I am so glad to say ADIOS, GOODBYE, GOOD RIDDENS, too, between snow in Jan, Feb, Mar, rain April, May, then along came the FLOOD in June, from July thru Dec is just a BLURRR. We camped at friends, then a campground that turned ickky really fast then to the Kelly Inn which was awesome until we had to vacate due to the Hostefest, and then finally into a FEMA Trailer which isnt all that bad except it is small and then when the pipes freeze that is truely no fun.  We are survivors and true North Dakotans, we will conquer anything that comes our way lol I hope...