Monday, October 28, 2013


Wow once again it has been a long time since posting on here, guess time flies when we are having fun huh? Guess I will just post some random pictures to catch up a bit...

One of Jessica's senior pictures.
A little crafty project I made for a friend, I would like to get back into making these things again just takes time...
Another one of my Great Nieces, Tate, we have two of them graduating this year and man is that making me feel OLD.

This would be Tiger, Trouble and Bismarck from left to right with their new toy.

Two more of my lovely hooligans, Lexi and Jordon after helping me bag up my leaves in the back yard we left a pile to play in later..
This square table topper was a gift from a very dear friend who is in the Air Force and she gave it to me for good luck on the day I was relicensed for Daycare this year, I think it comes from Arabia or Egypt but am not sure isn't it lovely.