Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For those Who HATE to have their picture taken

I was once one of those who would duck, run, or make a face at any camera aimed in my direction. I have changed my attitude when it comes to being photographed, it is necessary if you are going to be a scrapbooker or leave a family history legacy for younger generations. I do not have one single photo of me with my mom as an infant or young child because she was always the one behind the camera and also hated her picture taken. I envy the younger generations because of the technology they have at their disposal, digital cameras, cellphones that take pictures, cam corders, computers, I could go on and on.
This goes out to all who avoid the camera, just smile when it is aimed at you, take every opportunity to be photographed, get with your grandparents, aunts, uncles ,moms, dads,and siblings because once they are gone so are your opportunities to have your life linked to theirs. Think of future generations, how they will love to look at the pictures and read the stories of grandparents and older generations.
I don't take pictures to embarrass anyone, I am only trying to preserve some history for future generations.


Mandy said...

Hi Donna, yep that's me I'm usually behind the camera unless I've had a glass of wine of course then I bizarrely think I'm Britains next top model lol.

I love the piccy's on your blog, your house looks beautiful and your fur babies are adorable, one of mine is attacking my fingers as I type as she tries to sit on my laptop!

Thanks so much for your lovely comment you left me :)
My blog is driving me nuts trying to sort out the commenting problem, how I wish I was a computer geek right now lol
hugs Mandy xx

Deb said...

Hi Donna, I am like you were , I hate to have my pic taken, yikes!. But you are right, we are perserving history.