Saturday, December 13, 2008

More Pictures of New Home

Ok I promise this is it for Pictures, I am just so excited and have I told you

We are beginning to pack, trying to do stuff for christmas, and just in general trying to stay SANE thru it all.
Thanks for reading all my babble

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mommyto2cs said...

Again, lovely!

I have to hand it to you on the trying to stay SANE!! I'm in my house for 2 yrs now, have my 2 boys, still have a couple of presents to get and ship them all down south to family. I can't even imagine throwing a move into the mix. And with snow on the ground... BRRRRR!! We hit 9 degrees up here in MT today, woohoo, made it out of the subzeros! I got out to get a few more presents and still have to tomorrow, but we're supposed to hit 15 degrees, heatwave! :o)

Merry Christmas! Look forward to seeing pics of that scraproom soon!